Diana Krach

Freelance writer and author

I am a full-time freelance writer, author and journalist with a strong background in SEO and digital marketing.

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Good Housekeeping

My Mom Ruined Mother's Day

I could never, ever live up to her expectations....

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Good Housekeeping

Watch Kittens Turn a Closet Organizer Into a Condo

Because cats are better than shoes....

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Good Housekeeping

Baseball Legend Curt Schilling Defends His Daughter In The Best Way Possible

3 strikes, youre out, cyberbullies...

Good Housekeeping

Supermarket Time-Savers

3 tips to make shopping a breeze...

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Good Housekeeping

This 4-Year-Old Boy Has Mysterious Strokes That Leave His Doctors Stunned

His parents are begging for answers that could save their son....

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Good Housekeeping

Baby Survives Abortion At 26 Weeks

The child is now over a year old...

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Good Housekeeping

Sheriff's Office Does Something Amazing For Autistic 6-Year-Old's Birthday Party

Locals came to the rescue after no one showed at his birthday....